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Mediation New York

Professional Services

All programs are customized to meet your specific goals and objectives

Advance Workplace Programs

Professional Development

​Maneuvering Covid-19  in the Workplace 

Diversity and Sensitivity

Coaching and Motivation

Dealing with Difficult People

Small Business Audit Checklist

Policies and Procedures

Negotiation skills

Employee Handbooks

Time, Stress and Anger Management

Workplace Etiquette and Culture

Work-Life Balance During Covid-19

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

Management and Leadership

Working With Difficult People

Conflict Resolution and Negotiations

Soft Skills and Communications

Job Acquisition and Interview Skills

Our goal is to provide common sense and expeditious resolution to any dispute.

Our services will benefit your organization by reducing the time, cost and distraction of unwanted litigation Improving vendor and customer satisfaction

Reducing workplace stress,


improve employee morale and


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